July 26, 2015

Training and Certification Online

If time and money are a consideration, you might want to consider getting your phlebotomy training and certification done online. There are agencies that offer online courses and that have exams that can be taken over the Internet. For some people, this may be a better fit for their budget and schedule than taking a full phlebotomy course at a college and taking the phlebotomy exam at a distant location.

But be warned: Not all agencies offering phlebotomy courses online are necessarily reputable, and the quality of the education may suffer in the absence of a flesh-and-blood teacher who interacts with students. Furthermore, online certification may prove unacceptable to some prospective employers. Be sure to check in advanced with your preferred place of employment to see if they recognize online training and certification and if there are any online sources of training that they recommend.

Online training may well be a stepping stone on the way to a full training course, especially for those aspiring phlebotomists who don’t currently have the time or the money for a full education but expect to have those resources in the future. Online training may be adequate to prepare you for a job as an assistant phlebotomist on your way to full certification at a later date.

Despite the warnings, online training can give you a better education than you’d be able to obtain by yourself through books or Web surfing, and it should be considered as a possibility if the price is right. As long as you are prepared to take further steps in the future to further your education, or to build up a body of experience once online education has helped you to find employment, online certification and training may be just the thing you need to launch a phlebotomy career that you would otherwise be unable to afford.