July 26, 2015

Part-Time Phlebotomy

If phlebotomy is an interest of yours but you aren’t quite ready to tackle the job full-time, some employers may be willing to take you on as a part-time phlebotomist. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the requirements for the job will be lower or that less experience will be expected, but it may allow the job to fit into your schedule better. This is especially important if you are a student studying for a degree as a registered nurse or even as a doctor who wants to get experience in the profession or earn money toward a degree. Or, you may be raising a family or may be a caregiver for a relative, and may need the income that phlebotomy can provide but may only have a portion of time to devote to it.

If part-time phlebotomy meets your needs, talk to employers in your area to see if they can find a position for you. It’s possible that they’ll find it easier to put a part-timer into their own schedules than a full-timer. In fact, part-time phlebotomy might be a good way to work up to a full-time position. It gives you a chance to gain experience in the profession, to get to know other professionals and prospective employers, and to hone your skills. It can also provide the hours of experience required by some certification agencies before you qualify for their certification exams.

But remember that part-time phlebotomy is just as rigorous a profession as full-time phlebotomy. It requires the same skills and carries the same responsibilities. If a phlebotomy job requires certification, working part-time won’t help you escape that requirement. In fact, some part-time phlebotomists are former full-time phlebotomists who have used that experience to qualify for a part-time job that better fits their schedule and lifestyle. Older workers, including those past retirement age, might also find part-time phlebotomy work appealing after a career as a full-time phlebotomist or even as a registered nurse.

If you want to work in phlebotomy and can qualify but can’t find the time in your schedule for full-time employment, you should give serious consideration to part-time phlebotomy.