July 26, 2015

Mobile Phlebotomists

Most phlebotomists work regularly in the same clinic, hospital, or laboratory. However, it is possible that your phlebotomist job may require you to move from place to place as the work requires. This will require you to be prepared for unexpected eventualities, like finding yourself without necessary equipment, or even carrying your own equipment with you. In the latter case, you will be responsible for all the tools of your trade and will need to pay for their transfer from one place to the next.

One circumstance under which mobile phlebotomy may become necessary is if you have to go into the homes of patients who are not capable of coming to you. These patients may be extremely, even terminally, ill or they may have full-time nursing care in their homes. You may even be the nurse taking care of them and you may practice phlebotomy as one of your nursing skills.

Another circumstance under which you may need to travel as a phlebotomist is if you become involved in blood drives. You may need to set up a small laboratory in an office building for a day or two in order to take blood donations from workers in the building. Or you may go to a remote site, such as a shopping center, to take blood from volunteers. You may need to operate out of a van or even a car, with your equipment stowed and ready to be put in place at a moment’s notice.

There are a number of problems unique to such mobile phlebotomy and for which you will need to be prepared should your work involve regular travel. You will not necessarily have access to a supply room if you run out of disposable equipment, such as needles or sample kits. You will need to implement safety procedures for which the location at which you are working has not been designed.

In the course of your travels, you may meet a more diverse set of patients than you would encounter in a stationary practice. This may tax your people skills as well as your technical skills. Mobile phlebotomy may be more difficult than ordinary, lab-based phlebotomy, but it has its own rewards and may be a form of work that is available even when laboratory and clinic work is not.