July 26, 2015

American Certification Agency for Healthcare Professionals

The American Certification Agency for Healthcare Professionals(ACA) is a certification agency, based in Indiana, for individuals involved in health-care professions. The organization provides standards for health-care professionals and a series of exams to certify aspiring professionals relative to those standards. It also provides a full-service information exchange for aspiring medical technicians, phlebotomists included. To this end, the agency publishes a newsletter for medical professionals called ACAreer. The address is:

American Certification Agency
PO Box 58
Osceola, IN 46561

The Agency’s mission, from its Web site, is to:

“Establish guidelines by which individuals may demonstrate competence in their discipline through certification testing.
Establish recertification guidelines through current continuing education in a given discipline.
Provide a mechanism by which individuals who wish to enter, continue, and/or advance in their discipline by certification testing adhere to the highest ethical standards.”

The American Certification Agency’s certification exam for phlebotomists is available at a number of test sites across the United States. To qualify for the exam, you’ll need a high school diploma or graduate equivalent degree (GED). Contact the Agency at least 15 days in advance to schedule an exam, and be sure to include documentation proving your eligibility. You will be informed of the nearest exam location after applying. There is an examination fee of $100.00, which is refundable (minus a $35 processing fee) if the applicant is determined to be ineligible for the exam. If you need to take the exam again because of a low score, a re-examination fee (usually $60) will be required.

As your certification becomes older, employers may begin to see your expertise as outdated. In many cases, they will require periodic recertification, often on an annual basis. The ACA can recertify you at intervals throughout your career to demonstrate that your knowledge is fresh and that you have kept up with new developments in your field. To become recertified, you’ll need to maintain continuing education hours, and provide documents to the ACA proving that you have maintained your continuing education credits. There is also a recertification fee of $60 (or more, if you want to be recertified in additional subjects). The American Certification Agency’s exam is widely accepted for phlebotomy certification. Contact the Agency at the above address or at 574-277-4538 (e-mail address: info@acacert.com) for more details.